World of Linguistics and Communication ISSN 1999-8406

Dear readers!

 An electronic scientific journal "World of Linguistics and CommunicationĽ (ISSN 1999-8406) is the all-known Russian edition, which addressed to the scientific community and for those who interested in the problems of theoretical, applied and cognitive linguistics, anthropolinguistics, psycholinguistics and lingua-psychology, translation studies, theory of communication, logic and philosophy of language, cultural studies and intercultural communication, methodology of teaching foreign languages and Russian as a foreign language, literature and other areas of the humanities.
Need for such journal existed for a long time: the development of scientific schools, the formation of a common communicative space between linguists, philologists, psycholinguists and linguapsychologists, sociologists and psychologists isnít possible without the appropriate information field.
Itís remarkable that in the title there are the words "communication" and "world", which reflect the purpose of the journal to represent the picture of the changes and the panorama of discoveries in modern science.
The task of this journal is to inform about the activities of the chair of Language Theory and Intercultural Communication, Tver Institute of Applied Linguistics and Mass Communication and achievements of the humanities: (psychology, philology, philosophy, pedagogics, cognitive science, sociology). Itís to establish links with the scientists engaged in research in the sphere of communicative-oriented scientific schools, to unite the space dispersed audience, and thus to form a unified professional community that would help identify the most urgent problems of linguistics , psychology, sociology and research coordination. As a result it will make the fullest using of philology, sociology, cultural studies, and other approaches to such difficult complex and polyhedral phenomenon of communication, which value is constantly increasing in the world and in Russia.
Science can not develop outside of the educational environment. Therefore the subject of training and re-training for the higher school should be on the top of the pages of our journal.
This Electronic scientific journal "World of Linguistics and Communica-tion" represents a great opportunity for dialogue clashes of opinion, beliefs, attitudes and management of creative discussions, which resulted in the birth of the truth.
The main criterion for material selection is a professional level of them. We wish the electronic scientific journal "The World of Linguistics and Communication" to match with the best examples of scientific periodicals, to be demanded and useful for beloved readers!

Best regards,
Alexey A. Romanov,
Editor in Chief, Doctor of Philology,
Professor, Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation